Welcome to Purlieu Food

The legacy of French culinary excellence meets the heart and soul of the Lowcountry at Purlieu Food. Behind the curtains of our dining room are the true stars of Purlieu Foods. Our kitchen boasts some of the most sought-after chefs in the tri-state area. In their hands, every ingredient, spice, and drizzle transforms into a work of art. 

​We have a relentless passion for perfection for the very essence of brunch and French cuisine. Our menu is a curated combination of flavors, giving the allure of the Lowcountry along with the refined elegance of France.

Our Specialty – Brunch

Dive deep into the mesmerizing world of buckwheat crêpes, each layer telling a story of tradition and innovation. Allow yourself to be seduced by our rendition of French toast, a tantalizing dance of textures and aromas that promises to awaken every dormant taste bud. Our patisserie, famed throughout the Lowcountry is nothing short of a treasure trove. The buttery, flaky embrace of our chocolate croissants and the deep, dark allure of our pain au chocolat stand testament to our dedication to authenticity.

And what’s a French feast without the classic café au lait? Brewed to perfection and paired meticulously with our pastries, it is the liquid gold that completes the Purlieu experience. So come in and let Purlieu Foods be your guide to a world where food is not just sustenance but an art, a celebration, a romance. A world where every bite of brunch tells its own story.

Head Chef – Jane Torres

For over half a decade, Patisserie Lumière and Bistro Director Jane Torres has been forging a formula for triumph in the Lowcountry. Her award-winning catering branch, Patisserie Lumière, has earned the title of Premier Caterer consistently since 2019, and her dining establishment, Purlieu Foods, is the Lowcountry concealed treasure, gaining praises and mentions annually due to Jane Torres’s drive to present a delightful gourmet variation to homestyle dishes. Purlieu Foods launched in 2020 and stands as one of the Lowcountry elite dining spots.

Emerging as the top student from L’École Gastronomique in Paris, Torres honed her skills and crafted gastronomic marvels under renowned chef Wolfgang Puck at Spago in Las Vegas. Subsequently, she ascended to the position of sous chef for the launch of Bateau Lumineux, which received the title “Most Outstanding New Dining Establishment of the Year” by the Eleanor Martin Group. With an innate understanding of the culinary workspace and an intense zeal to present unparalleled dishes, Torres is also among the most in-demand dining establishment consultants in the Southern territories. Jane Torres has lent her consultancy expertise to Le Bistro d’Élégance, Rue de Lys, and Poisson Bleu, in the Harbor Town, and Bella Cucina Parisienne in Rivertown.

Torres takes an active role in charitable endeavors and was recently appointed Vice President of Harbor Chefs Nourish the Community. When she’s not contributing to local humanitarian causes, she dedicates her energy to brainstorming strategies to keep the dining and catering industry innovative and refreshing.

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