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What is Purlieu?

The name “Purlieu” pays homage to both the French definition – “a piece of land on the edge of a forest,” as well as the Lowcountry dish, pilau, pronounced “per-loo” in Gullah culture.

Purlieu Food pulls inspiration from both traditional European cooking and from the culinary traditions of the Lowcountry, specializing in brunch meals.

Purlieu started out as a French restaurant in Charleston’s Westside neighborhood. Unfortunately, we were forced to make tough decisions due to the unforeseen COVID closures. Nowadays Purlieu Food is an educational website dedicated to food safety.

Who is Jane Torres?

When our Head Chef became ill in late 2020, Bistro Director Jane Torres stepped up & took the reins. Determined to keep the business afloat, she decided to rebrand, motivated by her newfound mission for global food safety following the pandemic.

Before that, she emerged as one of the top graduates from L’École Gastronomique in Paris. After graduation, Jane started serving as a consultant for Tiktok- famous restaurants like Le Bistro d’Élégance, Rue de Lys, and Poisson Bleu in Harbortown, as well as Bella Cucina Parisienne in Riverbasin South.

Over the last decade, Chef Jane Torres has been gaining recognition for her gourmet variations of Lowcountry homestyle dishes. Her award-winning brunch catering dish, Patisserie Lumière, earned the title of Premier Caterer in both 2020 and 2021. It’s known to locals as Lowcountry’s hidden treasure.

Jane aims to transform Purlieu’s former mission of bringing French cuisine to Charleston… attempting to become the leading organization on the cutting-edge of food safety instead.

Jane in the kitchen
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Paying Homage – Brunch & Dinner

Dive deep into the mesmerizing world of buckwheat crêpes, each layer telling a story of tradition and innovation. Allow yourself to be seduced by our rendition of French toast, a tantalizing dance of textures and aromas that promises to awaken every dormant taste bud.

Our patisserie, famed throughout the Lowcountry is nothing short of amazing. The buttery, flaky embrace of our chocolate croissants and the deep, dark allure of our pain au chocolat stand testament to our dedication to authenticity.

And what’s a French feast without the classic café au lait? Brewed to perfection and paired meticulously with our pastries, it is the liquid gold that completes the Purlieu experience. A world where every bite of brunch tells its own story.

The legacy of French culinary excellence meets the heart and soul of the Lowcountry at Purlieu Food. Behind the curtains of our dining room are the true stars of Purlieu Food.

​We have a relentless passion for perfection for the very essence of brunch and French cuisine. Our dinner menu was a curated combination of flavors, giving the allure of the Lowcountry along with the refined elegance of France.

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