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Can You Freeze Bacon? Freezing Bacon The Best Way

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Yes, **freezing bacon** helps it last longer. **Uncooked bacon** stays fresh for months in the freezer without losing taste or texture. **Cooked bacon** doesn’t last as long but keeps its flavor better in the freezer than in the fridge.

You can freeze it in its sealed packaging but freezing individually wrapped bacon slices is best for freshness & longevity. This method prevent slices from sticking together so you only thaw what you need.

How to Freeze Bacon Safely

  1. Take the bacon out of its sealed package.
  2. Individually wrap each slice of bacon in plastic wrap, wax paper or aluminum foil.
  3. Place in the freezer for around 1-2 hours.
  4. When the bacon is frozen solid, transfer the bacon to freezer bags or airtight containers.
  5. Squeeze out excess air to remove as much oxygen as possible before sealing the bags. Best practice is to minimize air exposure as much as possible.
  6. Label your freezer bag as ‘Frozen Bacon’ and today’s date.

Defrosting Tips

When you’re ready to eat the bacon you just froze, do not thaw it at room temperature. Read our guide on how to thaw bacon safely. Not only will it help you avoid foodborne illnesses, implementing proper defrosting techniques keep its quality & texture intact.

How Long Can You Freeze Bacon?

You can freeze bacon for up to 1-2 months as long as it’s frozen for longevity. Freezing bacon slows down spoilage & lets you store it for a longer time, but it also stops the process that gives bacon its signature flavor.

Freeze bacon slices or unopened packages within 1 week of purchasing for optimal freshness. Rewrap portions in an airtight manner after it’s opened.

Defrosting frozen bacon within 2 months of storing it in the freezer helps to avoid freezer burn, off-flavoring, and food poisoning. Anything longer than that risks the following:

Freezer BurnLongterm freezing dries out the bacon, leading to a dry, leathery texture and grayish brown areas.Cook thoroughly until crispy if appearance is off.
Loss of FreshnessOver time, bacon loses moisture, leading to a duller color and more brittle, less creamy fat.Use as soon as possible to maintain freshness.
Off-FlavorsCuring agents in bacon can cause rancid flavors after prolonged freezing. High fat content increases chances of oxidation and development of off-tastes.Consider cooking methods that can mask or eliminate off-flavors.
Risk of SpoilageIncreased exposure to air raises chances of bacteria growth over time, leading to a higher risk of spoilage if not properly stored.Always check for signs of spoilage before use and use as soon as possible.
Risks of frozen bacon older than 2 months

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